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Pickles add an extra dimension of flavor and texture to our meals. The combination of tanginess, crunch, and spices creates a taste sensation that enhances the overall dining experience. Pickles are served at food festivals and menus of individual and chain restaurants throughout the country. It can be eaten as an appetizer or as an accompaniment to other dishes. Acidic foods like pickles provide a nice contrast to fatty foods, and the two work together well; acids add freshness, which can be mellowed out by the creaminess of heavy, comforting dishes.

Our Mission

Plant Based food

Your favourite seasonal recipes, simplified to the essentials and with a plant-based twist. This pickle is a treasure house with organically grown carrot, beetroot, beans and mango cooked in pure gingelly oil. This pickle with its nutritional effect can complement your health routine, also maintaining its finger-licking quality. Pickling is a traditional Indian home and community ritual that includes preserving fruits, vegetables, and other food items in a spice, salt, and oil combination.

Why choose us?

Our customer is our highest priority, SRJ believes in building strong customer relationship, so we always make sure that our customer is satisfied in all aspects.

Premium Service

With a strong focus on procuring high quality ingredients and manufacturing in the state of art manufacturing facility, we are a proud Indian company serving the needs of countless customers.

Pure Vegan Food

People often think that vegans have limited choices when it comes to cooking or eating, or that the dishes can be prepared with only coconut milk or roasted veggies, but that is not the case. Several interesting vegan recipes can be prepared quickly with other easily available ingredients and are scrumptious too.

Free Home Delivery

SRJ never disappoints its customers when it comes to delivering products in the mutually decided time period.

100% farm Fresh

Bursting with 100 whole-food recipes and down-to-earth advice about clean eating, our products proves that eating 100% real food is an enjoyable choice you can make every day.

Hygienic Catering

Finest quality, hygienically prepared; Hand Cleaned and sieved thoroughly to remove maximum dust and other impurities.

Preserving Traditions

Following traditional recipes and time-honoured techniques, our pickles are preserved naturally and aged in barnis (earthen jars).

Deliciously Healthy

We use fresh ingredients, cooked in small batches, without any artificial preservatives. We focus on the nutritional benefits of each product.

Evolving Flavours

We are constantly innovating and developing easy-to-use kitchen staples, drawing from different cuisines. Our condiments are versatile and dependable.

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